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Enhanced audience targeting, ad testing, and conversion-driven landing pages ensure increased profitability from your paid social efforts.

Paid Social Results

Overview of Shihiko Campaign Performance

The showcase provides a detailed overview of multiple advertising campaigns under the project name Shihiko

Improved Strategy, Faster Implementation, and Enhanced Paid Social ROI

Paid social stands as one of the most lucrative marketing channels for any business. Our consultants harness this potential by delivering a proven strategy, data-driven audience segmentation, ad creation (with testing), and optimization of post-click landing pages. 

We guarantee to maximize your campaign’s ROI.

Audience Segmentation

Not all traffic is the same. Our consultants thoroughly research your current and potential audience, diving deep into data to understand their needs and behaviors. Then we segment your audience to match the right offer with the right people at the right stage of the sales cycle.


Your paid social campaigns aren't isolated. We've developed a unique audit to uncover how your competitors utilize social networks and view their marketing from your prospects' perspective. By studying your competitors' audiences, ads, and landing pages, we use their insights to refine your campaigns and avoid common pitfalls.


We test various aspects of your Facebook ads – copy, images, videos, offers, and target audiences – to find what works best. Using our simplified ad testing tool, we analyze which elements drive results, then implement changes that boost your business.

Facebook Tracking and Pixel Setup

We begin by creating a plan that outlines your campaign goals and tracking methods. Then, we install the Facebook pixel on your platforms and set up custom conversions. Using data from the pixel and custom conversions, we gain insights into your campaign performance and audience behavior, allowing for continuous improvements.


When it comes to scaling Facebook ads, it's essential to focus on increasing ad spend while maintaining or improving performance metrics such as ROI and cost per acquisition. This involves strategic audience expansion, creative optimization, and ongoing testing to identify scalable winning campaigns. Additionally, implementing advanced campaign structures and utilizing automated bidding strategies can help efficiently manage larger budgets and drive sustained growth.


Customers say

“Always understood the task in hand, sky rocked our sales, I was very comfortable giving 99 Minds and Dmytro a brief and letting them work using their own initiative. If you want to grow your business exponentially, you must hire this man.”


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Frequently Asked Questions

Every business is unique, so after a chat about what you need, we’ll put together a clear, flat-fee proposal. Why flat fees? Because we hate hidden costs as much as you do! This fee includes everything from ad creation and landing page design to analytics and beyond—no surprises.

How does ‘instant’ sound? Many of our clients start seeing leads or sales the very day their campaign kicks off! We typically get your campaigns up and running within 10 business days, thanks to our lean startup approach that focuses on speed and uses real-world data to steer the ship.

Our track record is strong, and we pride ourselves on meeting expectations—after all, that’s how we keep our doors open! We start with a three-month contract to set the stage for success, and then we shift to a month-to-month plan to keep things flexible for you. This way, you’re never stuck, and risk is minimized.