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Paid Search Results

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Introducing Our Paid Search Framework

Our certified experts leverage a streamlined, repeatable, and proprietary process to drive profitable paid search campaigns, consistently boosting sales and profits for your business.

Account Structure​

We implement our Unique Ad Constrainment Methodology, ensuring Google displays only one tailored ad for each specific keyword. This approach guarantees a perfect match between ad and keyword message, optimizing your campaign's effectiveness.

Full Funnel Strategy

Our paid search strategy isn't just about clicks – it's about acquiring clients. While many agencies stop after the click, we adopt a full-funnel approach. We design custom landing pages to guide the user experience before, during, and after the click, transforming site visits into sales.

Keyword Research

Keywords form the foundation of every paid search campaign, dictating when your ads appear. Using advanced data analysis, we meticulously research and identify the most profitable keywords. Additionally, we analyze your competitors' keywords and ads to gain insights into what's effective and what's not in your competitive landscape.


As data flows in from Google Ads, we act swiftly and purposefully. Leveraging machine learning, we identify revenue-generating keywords and ads, allocating more budget to them. Conversely, we ruthlessly eliminate underperforming keywords, ensuring your campaign stays focused and profitable.


As your Google Ads campaign grows, we strategically expand by leveraging incoming data. Using machine learning, we identify high-performing keywords and ads, allowing us to allocate additional budget for further expansion. Conversely, we continue to refine our approach by eliminating underperforming elements, ensuring scalable growth while maintaining profitability and focus.


Customers say

“Highly recommend hiring this team. The service in 99 Minds is very professional and fully understands the platform. All-size companies can benefit from the in-depth knowledge and experience to improve conversions/sales.”


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Frequently Asked Questions

Every business is unique, so after a chat about what you need, we’ll put together a clear, flat-fee proposal. Why flat fees? Because we hate hidden costs as much as you do! This fee includes everything from ad creation and landing page design to analytics and beyond—no surprises.

How does ‘instant’ sound? Many of our clients start seeing leads or sales the very day their campaign kicks off! We typically get your campaigns up and running within 10 business days, thanks to our lean startup approach that focuses on speed and uses real-world data to steer the ship.

Our track record is strong, and we pride ourselves on meeting expectations—after all, that’s how we keep our doors open! We start with a three-month contract to set the stage for success, and then we shift to a month-to-month plan to keep things flexible for you. This way, you’re never stuck, and risk is minimized.