Meet The 99 Minds, Architectors
Of Your Triumph

99 Minds consists of data-driven marketers and designers dedicated to crafting intelligent online advertising systems that boost our clients’ revenue.

We prioritize swift action to launch campaigns quickly, aiding our clients in achieving their real-world business objectives.

committed advocates for our clients, we focus on education and fostering transparent, honest relationships. Our clients appreciate the positive and effective collaborations they experience with us.

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We Boost Business Revenue with Smart Online Advertising

At 99 Minds, we specialize in smart internet advertising systems that deliver substantial business results. Unlike agencies satisfied with just generating site clicks (and wouldn’t it be strange to pay your employees in clicks?), our proven systems consider the entire advertising ecosystem. This includes the network, user demographics, customer journey stages, and the specifics of offers and design on the target pages, ensuring more than just traffic—real, measurable outcomes.

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Proven Methodology​

Systems, processes and frameworks proven to deliver real- world business results.

Marketing Automation

We are unique and manage your ad campaigns as well as design landing pages.

Beyond the Click

We stand out by not only managing your ad campaigns but also designing customized landing pages.

Data-Driven Excellence

We are data enthusiasts who skillfully utilize analytics to target the right user, at the right time, with the perfect offer.

Business-Centric Approach

Focus on achieving the business metrics that are crucial to you. Gain more clients, not just more clicks.

Meet the Awesome Crew

Dmytro S.

Dmytro Shatokhin  – CEO

Hey there, let’s give a round of applause for the dream team behind 99 Minds! Founded by the one and only Dmytro Shatokhin in the vibrant city of Kiev back in 2019, we’ve been on a mission to help companies crush it with some seriously smart internet advertising systems.

Liliana Y.
Marketing Automation

Liliana Yaremchuk – The Marketing Automation Maestro

Ever wish you had a magic wand to make your marketing efforts run smoother? Well, Liliana’s your gal. As our marketing automation guru, she’s all about designing and implementing software wizardry to take your efficiency and scalability to the next level. Lead generation, customer engagement, and boosting that sweet ROI? Consider it done.

Edie K.
Media Buying

Edie Kurichi – The Media Buying Maven

Last but certainly not least, say hello to Edie – our Head of Media Buying extraordinaire. Ever wonder how those ads magically appear in all the right places? That’s Edie’s handiwork. With a knack for strategizing and optimizing ad spend across various platforms, she’s all about maximizing ROI and making sure your marketing goals are not just met, but exceeded.

Let's Make Some Magic Happen

With this dream team at the helm, there’s nothing we can’t achieve. So whether you’re looking to supercharge your marketing automation, ramp up your sales game, or dominate the media buying scene, we’ve got your back. Let’s make some waves together! 🚀


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