Case Studies

We help client grow their business with strategy, Internet advertising, conversion rate optimization and data analysis.

Archery Games – Purchase generation, Average check – $100/ROAS – 5
Lead Generation – Hotel, Georgia, 20X ROAS
Ads Campaigns for E-commerce, Technoplus-pro, Ukraine, 170X ROAS
Unleashing Dark Forces in the Realm of Marketing
The Shadowed Triumph of Pet Treatment Patronage
Dark Arts Marketing Overview: Summoning Guests to the Jacumba Hotel
Dark Enchantment in Marketing Mastery: Unveiling the Potent Spell of 99 Minds
The Dark Art of Lead Generation: Unveiling the Secrets of 99 Minds
Project Artisse AI: Unleashing Dark Magic for Unrivaled Marketing Mastery
Project Shihiko: A Dark Triumph in the Realm of Marketing Sorcery
The Veiled Emporium
Store women’s cosmetics / ROAS 5
Saluterra – gourmet store / Average check – $50 / ROAS 7

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